I couldn't say 'I do' without you....Will you be my bridesmaid? 18 Oct 2016

Let’s be realistic, the bridesmaids you choose have a massive part to play in how enjoyable you find your wedding planning experience.  They see everything from the tears to the meltdowns, the ranting to the lovey dovey stuff and they are also the ones that hold you up and guide you through this crazy event planning journey.


Things to consider when choosing who to ask-

How reliable are they?

Do they live in this country? Sounds silly but having a friend that lives overseas can sometimes be more stressful that you think when choosing dresses, planning hen party’s etc and generally being there to help you.  

Are they super organised and will help you to run around on the days running up the wedding collecting and finishing favours etc? This is when you need them the most!

Pick someone that you can be yourself with and most importantly someone that will not stress you out!

will you be my bridesmaid?

As well as thinking about who to choose, there also the task of how to ask them! Pinterest is literally buzzing with quirky cards, gifts, jewellery etc to stage that special moment. Be creative! Go for something wacky, fun and a little different! It is super important when wedding planning to simply ‘be yourself’ so kick that off right from the start with how you announce to the world that you are getting married and who you are going to have by your side when saying I DO!

Here are a selection of our favourite ways to ask! All from Etsy, click the images to follow to their shops!