Guest blog post!! -My year as an intern 01 May 2017

 Hello guys!

I should probably introduce myself, after all I have been interning at Innocent Chaos for almost a year now.  I'm Sian, 24 years old and an adult that doesn't quite know how to adult yet. Personally, for me, this has been the most difficult year of my life but luckily, the opportunity of working for Sharon came up and it has become a bit of a haven every week. It's allowed me to have a creative outlet to delve deep into, learn new skills and hone them to where I am now. Every week I've left feeling that bit more knowledgeable and capable of taking on the world! #GIRLBOSS 
I would say to anyone out there who wants to start making their own creations but perhaps doesn’t feel they are totally equipped (of the heart. Sorry I had to...) then interning is a great way to get those skills you’re after. Put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them!
 So, I should probably introduce myself further. I'm a film-making HND graduate who loves her cocker spaniel Peggy and anything dog-related. My skills include doing an Australian accent and consuming an impressive amount of tea. I'm all about having a good laugh and translating that into anything I do (jeez this sounds like an application for First Dates). Since I started at Innocent Chaos, it’s always been my goal to embark on my own project and having Sharon as a mentor to guide me throughout has been invaluable. This year actually marks the beginning of my own business venture and I’m really excited to share it with you all!
After much thought and many brainstorms with Sharon and my friends; The Maverick Maker was born!  But who is this mysterious figure you may ask? For me, The Maverick Maker is a concoction of my quirky creative style and my goal to keep people guessing. I want to create trendy but unusual pieces for pets ranging from out there printed bowties to beautifully colourful bridal flower collars. As an animal lover, it made sense for me to be drawn to that sector and focus in on what products I would love to see in the pet market.


It's always been my mentality to stand out from the crowd and strive to accomplish originality always so entering the pet accessory world is the perfect place to really go all out. Nothing is out of bounds and to put it simply; anything involving animals and dressing them up is always going to be fun. I take what I do seriously but at the same, all seriousness goes out the door when I’m creating! So if you want to make your dog a bit more dapper or your cat have a step up in class then I’m your gal! If any of you readers would like to see any particular accessories or styles then I welcome any thoughts!
Goal for this year: become Prime Minister and make it mandatory for all pets to wear bowties every day!
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