Bring your pets to your wedding! 13 Dec 2016

We at Innocent Chaos are obsessed with weddings and pets and if you can combine the two, that’s even better! In this day and age, anything goes and it’s no longer weird to include your furry friends in your nuptials. In fact, it’s something we would love to see more of! Whether you want your pup, cat, tortoise or budgie to walk up the aisle with you; there are plenty of adorable ideas to inspire you! Here are a few of our personal favourites….

Why not include them right from the get go? Your engagement photo shoot is the perfect way of expressing yourselves as a couple and letting the world into your life.

For the big day it’s important to look your best! If you’re getting suited and booted, then it’s only right that your best friend matches.

Not feeling a full suit? Then why not go for a simple bow tie matching the colour palette or a whimsical flower collar. Innocent Chaos recently created a bespoke flower band for an adorable doggie.

Pets are amazingly loyal and loveable family members and they deserve important roles in your big day so how about getting your guests to ‘awww’ by making them the ring bearer or flower girl.

Now as much as we trust our pets, they can be bold characters sometimes so keep the real rings for the best man and make sure you’ve walked them beforehand so they don’t bolt off down the aisle. We’re not too worried about the tortoise though!

There’s always the option of carrying them down the aisle yourself….

Or if you want some subtly in your wedding décor, a lovely cake topper including your animal friend would be a perfectly lovely touch!

We hope we have inspired you to get your furry family members involved in your big day. Have a check on our website for some pretty flower corsages and flower crowns that we could turn into the perfect wedding accessory for your pet.