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Guest blog post!! -My year as an intern 01 May 2017

 Hello guys!

I should probably introduce myself, after all I have been interning at Innocent Chaos for almost a year now.  I'm Sian, 24 years old and an adult that doesn't quite know how to adult yet. Personally, for me, this has been the most difficult year of my life but luckily, the opportunity of working for Sharon came up and it has become a bit of a haven every week. It's allowed me to have a creative outlet to delve deep into, learn new skills and hone them to where I am now. Every week I've left feeling that bit more knowledgeable and capable of taking on the world! #GIRLBOSS 
I would say to anyone out there who wants to start making their own creations but perhaps doesn’t feel they are totally equipped (of the heart. Sorry I had to...) then interning is a great way to get those skills you’re after. Put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them!
 So, I should probably introduce myself further. I'm a film-making HND graduate who loves her cocker spaniel Peggy and anything dog-related. My skills include doing an Australian accent and consuming an impressive amount of tea. I'm all about having a good laugh and translating that into anything I do (jeez this sounds like an application for First Dates). Since I started at Innocent Chaos, it’s always been my goal to embark on my own project and having Sharon as a mentor to guide me throughout has been invaluable. This year actually marks the beginning of my own business venture and I’m really excited to share it with you all!
After much thought and many brainstorms with Sharon and my friends; The Maverick Maker was born!  But who is this mysterious figure you may ask? For me, The Maverick Maker is a concoction of my quirky creative style and my goal to keep people guessing. I want to create trendy but unusual pieces for pets ranging from out there printed bowties to beautifully colourful bridal flower collars. As an animal lover, it made sense for me to be drawn to that sector and focus in on what products I would love to see in the pet market.


It's always been my mentality to stand out from the crowd and strive to accomplish originality always so entering the pet accessory world is the perfect place to really go all out. Nothing is out of bounds and to put it simply; anything involving animals and dressing them up is always going to be fun. I take what I do seriously but at the same, all seriousness goes out the door when I’m creating! So if you want to make your dog a bit more dapper or your cat have a step up in class then I’m your gal! If any of you readers would like to see any particular accessories or styles then I welcome any thoughts!
Goal for this year: become Prime Minister and make it mandatory for all pets to wear bowties every day!
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It's all about your wedding hair! 13 Feb 2017

When it comes to your finished bridal look for your wedding; the way you style your hair really completes your look and can take it to another level. Whether you’ve got short or Rapunsel-like hair; there’s an effortless look out there ready to be the finishing touch on your big day. At Innocent Chaos have compiled our top five fave wedding hairstyles to share with you for inspiration and we hope you fall in love as much as we did!

We also wanted to share this stunning look from the very talented Rose from MNX Pro.  Rose created this stunning look with one of our crystal hair crowns and we are in love with it!

Ok so top five, here goes!

The messy up do!

Simple, easy but stunningly effective especially with the right bridal accessories. We love the floral touch in this one which creates a natural boho look. Innocent Chaos make a selection of eye cathcing combs and crowns that would compliment this look perfectle! Check out our online boutique.

The classic up do!

For those of you that prefer a more classic, elegant edge for their bridal look. With no hair out of place and very detailed at the back, this hairstyle would add to that fairy tale aspect that every woman wants in their wedding. The addition of a crystal hair comb really completes the look and Innocent Chaos stocks a range of hair combs to suit this style!

Let’s go retro!

For those vintage style girls, the classic wave is for you! Team that with a timeless hair piece to pull one half to the side and you’ll be giving cool retro vibes.

High bun it up!

Another classic bridal look; this high bun look would suit anyone! We love this particular style because it’s so volumous and the bride’s fringe is styled to perfection alongside the bun.


Half up half down!

Not all brides are into overly styled hair so why not keep it natural with it wavy or straight but have it partly up and away? We love this particular style because it’s simple but totally enhances the bride’s natural beauty.

We hope you enjoyed the styles that have inspired us and if you’re after hair accessories to enhance your hair for your big day then check out our range over on our Etsy store-


Possibly the best Christmas present ever?? 21 Dec 2016

There's something extra special in the air at this time of year. People seem more expressive with their feelings and want to create a magical time for their loved ones. Now some cynics may roll their eyes at a Christmas proposal, but what better time than when you're surrounded by friends, family and festive spirit to pop the question? Here are some of our special ideas to help you on your way...

Go straight to the big man! No not the father of the bride, although that may help, but why not involve the man who spreads love all over Christmas? Santa! Set up a more personal visit to see old St. Nick and have him ask your fiancée to be what she'd like for Christmas or alternatively what you would like and have one of his elves hand her a present. If you want to go one step further then surprise her by dressing up as Father Christmas himself!

If you're lucky enough to get some snow then a beautiful forest walk would be ideal. Set up some candles, fairy lights in the trees and finish it off with 'Will you marry me?' in the snow.

Wining and dining your love is always a perfect way to go. You can go fancy and book a lovely restaurant that'll pop your ring in a glass of champers or even go a bit more casual with a stroll around your local Christmas market and propose over a stein of German beer!

Cities and towns provide wonderful proposal spots without you even having to try. Get down on one knee below a massive Christmas tree, use a temporary ice-skating rink in the area or if you're really prepared and looking to sweep her off her feet then get some Christmas carollers to serenade your future fiancée.

Keep it cosy at home by making some mulled wine, light a cinnamon candle, get your fave Christmas hits on and decorate the tree together. You could incorporate a personalised bauble into the tree that secretly contains the engagement ring or hang it with ribbon from a branch.

There's always the classic tradition of a kiss under the mistletoe, but why not stretch that to a proposal underneath it or if you have a pet together then get them involved with a ring on a big red bow attached to their collar?

If you want to keep the big moment for Christmas day then make it a bit of fun with lots of boxes inside each other like a Russian Doll! Alternatively, you could make DIY Christmas crackers to really take her by surprise over dinner. Hopefully it doesn't fall in the gravy!

Don't forget about New Years celebrations! Everyone's in the party mood, there are fireworks and there's the perfect sense of togetherness for you to take advantage of. Make it an unforgettable way to end the year and start the new one.

We hope our ideas have given you some festive inspiration for an extra special gift!

Bring your pets to your wedding! 13 Dec 2016

We at Innocent Chaos are obsessed with weddings and pets and if you can combine the two, that’s even better! In this day and age, anything goes and it’s no longer weird to include your furry friends in your nuptials. In fact, it’s something we would love to see more of! Whether you want your pup, cat, tortoise or budgie to walk up the aisle with you; there are plenty of adorable ideas to inspire you! Here are a few of our personal favourites….

Why not include them right from the get go? Your engagement photo shoot is the perfect way of expressing yourselves as a couple and letting the world into your life.

For the big day it’s important to look your best! If you’re getting suited and booted, then it’s only right that your best friend matches.

Not feeling a full suit? Then why not go for a simple bow tie matching the colour palette or a whimsical flower collar. Innocent Chaos recently created a bespoke flower band for an adorable doggie.

Pets are amazingly loyal and loveable family members and they deserve important roles in your big day so how about getting your guests to ‘awww’ by making them the ring bearer or flower girl.

Now as much as we trust our pets, they can be bold characters sometimes so keep the real rings for the best man and make sure you’ve walked them beforehand so they don’t bolt off down the aisle. We’re not too worried about the tortoise though!

There’s always the option of carrying them down the aisle yourself….

Or if you want some subtly in your wedding décor, a lovely cake topper including your animal friend would be a perfectly lovely touch!

We hope we have inspired you to get your furry family members involved in your big day. Have a check on our website for some pretty flower corsages and flower crowns that we could turn into the perfect wedding accessory for your pet.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue... 14 Nov 2016

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue….
Ok, so it’s two weeks before your wedding and someone asks you, “well what are you having for your something blue?”...The panic sets in and you realise that you have been so caught up in the pre wedding hype that this traditional check list totally went out the window!!
It’s a superstition that you need to have everything from the list included on your big day, so you can have a long and happy marriage. If you dare to jinx it, you are living on the edge! The time-honoured tradition was once thought to not only give the bride good luck on her wedding day, but also help to guarantee fertility and prosperity. Nowadays, it is simply a cute ritual that you can incorporate into your special event in many ways. Often other members of the bridal party get involved and make the collecting a bit of craic!
Ok so here are our top tips and ideas to keep the tradition alive but add your own quirky personal twist!
Something Old-- This represents the bride’s family, leaving your maiden name behind and accepting a new marriage. Wearing or carrying something old on your wedding day adds that personal touch and you can be as creative as your mind allows. At Innocent Chaos many of our brides carry one of our vintage brooch bouquets! We can incorporate family heirlooms, attach a locket of a loved one or we could incorporate part of your mum’s wedding dress into the binding of the bouquet. A lovely idea to have all the important parts of your history with you when you say ‘I do’ and embrace a new you!
Something new—This basically means, look forward with positivity for your future together. Wearing something new is the easy bit! Most brides-to-be wear a new gown so that is a quick one! You can even look at it with the mind-set of, it’s new to you. Jewellery and accessories also fall into this category so panic not!
Something borrowed-- The tradition behind something borrowed is a sign of having family or friends that you can rely on, that they will always be there for you throughout your life. Borrowing an item for your wedding day allows their good fortune to carry on and bring you luck in your new adventure. So why not borrow a necklace? A veil? Or a cute garter? The possibility is endless.
Something blue—Traditionally brides wore blue to symbolise love, modesty, and fidelity. The Virgin Mary is typically pictured dressed in blue, so purity was associated with the colour. There are many unique ideas on how to represent this on your wedding day – a blue garter is the most popular or you could have blue diamanté ‘I Do’ underneath your shoe, blue sapphire earrings or a blue headpiece. Our friends over at Blue Meadow Bridal even stitch a tiny piece of blue ribbon on the inside of their work to cover your ‘Something blue’ needs. How cute!
Silver six pence in her shoe – This one tends to be missed out here in the UK but if you are going to do it, you might as well have the whole tradition, right? This could be totally uncomfortable for the whole day however if you do choose to wear a silver coin in your shoe it resembles wealth and financial security throughout your marriage! Maybe just wear it for the ceremony! Well that is your full check list. Good luck in your finding mission!!

I couldn't say 'I do' without you....Will you be my bridesmaid? 18 Oct 2016

Let’s be realistic, the bridesmaids you choose have a massive part to play in how enjoyable you find your wedding planning experience.  They see everything from the tears to the meltdowns, the ranting to the lovey dovey stuff and they are also the ones that hold you up and guide you through this crazy event planning journey.


Things to consider when choosing who to ask-

How reliable are they?

Do they live in this country? Sounds silly but having a friend that lives overseas can sometimes be more stressful that you think when choosing dresses, planning hen party’s etc and generally being there to help you.  

Are they super organised and will help you to run around on the days running up the wedding collecting and finishing favours etc? This is when you need them the most!

Pick someone that you can be yourself with and most importantly someone that will not stress you out!

will you be my bridesmaid?

As well as thinking about who to choose, there also the task of how to ask them! Pinterest is literally buzzing with quirky cards, gifts, jewellery etc to stage that special moment. Be creative! Go for something wacky, fun and a little different! It is super important when wedding planning to simply ‘be yourself’ so kick that off right from the start with how you announce to the world that you are getting married and who you are going to have by your side when saying I DO!

Here are a selection of our favourite ways to ask! All from Etsy, click the images to follow to their shops!


With Grace in Your Heart and Flowers in Your Hair 15 Aug 2016

With Grace in Your Heart and Flowers in Your Hair...

Earlier this summer, a creative all female team of entrepreneurs gathered together to celebrate the summer and collaborate in a festival themed photo shoot. What started out as a bit of fun turned out to be way more awesome than any of us expected!

The stunning model Nicola is actually a talented photographer so it was an interesting flip setting the purple haired beauty behind the lens for a change.  The style of the shoot was based around our Innocent Chaos colourful floral crowns and celebrating the exciting bursts of colour erupting in the hedgerows at this fresh time of the year.  We wanted to style a shoot that could be an influence to both brides to be and also festival goers looking for that eye catching head wear to complete their Coachella  and Glastonbury inspired outfits.

The creative shoot was hosted in the up picturesque gardens of Helens Bay Organic just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland. Stunning little gem tucked away!

Innocent Chaos's floral crowns and headpieces are designed and created with an overwhelming love of fresh flowers and the interest in creating everlasting arrangements to treasure long after your most special day.  Nicola photographed below wore a delicate crochet and linen dress from her own collection accompanied with a some edgy jewellery from Nicola and Love in the Moon.

Nicola's hair really is the most amazing thing I have ever seen, Coloured and styled by the talented Claire from Vintage Rocks award winning hair parlour in Belfast. Claire created soft natural waves and simple delicate plaits to texture the hair ready for the headpieces.  For the Make-up we visited the stunning new studio of MUA Tippy Longorio where we opted for a fresh natural palette with statement pink eye-shadow to give Nicola a whimsical look!

Our photographer for the day was the talented Christin White Photography. Christin was so natural on site and really helped us to achieve that quirky edge in the photographs with unusual angles and a knack for finding the perfect pot for a breathtaking shot!

The creative styling wizards behind the shoot were myself and the awesome Rachel from Love in the Moon. Rachel and I previously worked together in another life as merchandisers so when it comes to styling something fun like this smoke bombs, bubbles and all the fun comes out! Take a peek below at the results and let us know what you think! 

If you love our range of flower crowns please be sure to check out our lovely online shop below:-


Accessories: Innocent Chaos

Photographer: Christin White Photography

Hair stylist: Vintage Rocks Hair Parlour Belfast

Makeup Artist: Tippy Longorio

Model: Nicola Matthews

Styling: Innocent Chaos and Love in the Moon