Ten top tips to survive your first wedding fair 26 Jan 2018

Braving your first wedding fair can be a daunting and over-whelming experience but you can get through it! After years of exhibiting at shows; we’ve gathered our top ten list of tips and tricks to help the experience flow with ease. You’ll be well on your way to conquering that fair like a champ!


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  1. Make a plan of action!

Before you go, map out the area and make a note of all the stalls that are your priority or inspiration. You don’t want to walk in and get overwhelmed with the chaos of brides, so being organised can only make the experience easier. Be a #brideboss!

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  1. Reach out

After you’ve done your research, get in contact with the vendors you would like to be involved in your wedding. It means you can ask them whatever you want for as long as you want, and it breaks the ice for when you meet them. Plus, if there’s any products you want to see in real life you can ask them to bring it along with them to the fair!

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  1. Dress right for the day

You’re not climbing a mountain; there’s going be a lot of people at a wedding fair so it’s best to dress light and keep the heavy handbag at home! Remember organising your big day should be a special experience so get your glam on and you’ll be all set to try on dresses and veils galore!

  1. Take a mate

Don’t go it alone! Bring your beau, a member of your bride tribe or a parent but not all of them! Too many cooks spoil the broth and the last thing you want is clashing opinions ruining the day.

Innocent Chaos Wedding Fair Belfast

  1. Have a budget in mind

Money is an important aspect of planning your wedding. You need to think about your budget, so you don’t get carried away booking things that may turn out overbudget. Don’t forget, many exhibitors offer deals on the day so carry some cash on you to snap up a bargain!

  1. Create a wedding email

To be a top organiser, make a new email address especially for the fair. Vendors will want to contact you afterwards and it can all be compiled into one easy place! Alternatively, you could get some personalised stickers made with your info on them to hand straight to the vendor.

  1. Ask plenty of questions!

You’re there to get the info you need for your big day so ask everything going on in your wedding crazed brain. The vendors won’t mind! They want to help and make their product fit your style perfectly. Just don’t go all bridezilla on them! And keep in mind, if you don’t ask you don’t get. You may snap up a bargain if you ask about deals or discounts.

  1. Learn to say no thank you

When you’re at a stall, don’t be afraid to say no thank you. It’s okay if you don’t need any help. It cuts out the small talk and wasting of both you and the vendors time.

  1. Enter all the comps!

There’s always competitions going on at wedding fairs so enter them all! What have you got to lose?

  1. HAVE FUN!!

The most important point of all! It should be a fun and exciting day out! You’re getting married! Stay for the shows with handsome grooms and dancing brides. When you look back in years to come at your wedding memories; you want them to be filled with laughter and love.

P.s. Eat as many cake samples as possible!

Amazing cake and Image from: www.thelittlecupcakeryni.com

You’ll find us at The Wedding Journal on 3rd/4th February in The Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast and at The Quirky Wedding Fair on the 25th February at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast. See you there!